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One of the most common questions for dog trainers is: What is the difference of a dog board & train (doggie boot camp) or private dog training lessons? There are a few differences, especially when it comes to “training.” That said, there are also differences when it comes to owners. We’ll explain below.

Dog Board and Train Benefits to Dogs

From a dog’s point of view, a dog board and train program can be EASIER for them to learn. A seasoned dog trainer should be able to train with fewer mistakes than your average (even above average pet owner). We’ve all heard the saying as it pertains to dog training…….consistency, consistency & consistency. It does matter. And a dog enrolled in a boarding and train program should get far more consistency allowing them to learn at a much faster pace which in turn translates to more repetition making it far easier for the transfer to the pet owner.

More Training Without Interruption of Old habits

This one is often VERY overlooked but is SO important. When a dog is enrolled into a board and train program they are being managed, cared for and trained by a professional obedience trainer that is prepared to handle other behavioral areas as they arise; private dog training lessons will address those areas but not as quickly as they arise – you’ll have to wait for your next scheduled lesson. This can give the dog a chance to rehearse these behaviors and effect what you’re currently training. Whereas a trainer will know exactly how to address this behavior and move forward.

When You’re Not Present, It Makes a Difference

Often, certain behaviors ONLY arise when the owner is present; dogs will act differently when their own is present. This would almost make a case for private dog training lessons instead of board and training (and sometimes it does), but let’s take a close look why it may still be advantageous to employ the dog boot camp over the privates. There are certain behaviors that are hard to break, certain behaviors that ONLY happen when the owner is there. With that said, it may make more sense to ‘break’ and ‘replace’ the habit withOUT the owner there and then have the owner take over with lessons subsequent to the dog board and train (this is what Dedicated Dog Training does).

Our Dog Board and Train Provides MUCH More Reps

Your dog is being trained five (5) to 7x per day. Most pet owners can’t even come close to that Dedicated dog training schedule and forget about the dog owners that have super busy or demanding schedules. The more repetitions that are provided (especially with a reduced learning curve and the ability to address any behavior that surfaces quickly is priceless to training (at least in our years of training dogs and puppies).

Private Dog Training Lesson Positives

As the saying goes, there is always another side. Our Long Island private lessons are ideal and a better choice for dogs that are aggressive (truly aggressive), suffer from severe anxiety and for those pet owners that are aspiring dog trainers and have the time to effectively train. Other than the aforementioned reasons, we mostly defer to board and trains and the premium way-to-go for success.

There is one other reason that a board and train may not be the most fitting program; this has nothing to do with the dogs either. If you truly cannot be away from your dog for a two (2) week period or so (our board and train programs provide video and pictures to help with this. they are located on our Instagram, facebook and Youtube accounts which you may feel free to follow) then private dog training lessons may be better suited for you.

Dog Board & Train Vs Private Lessons – the Winner is……

With the exception of dogs with the above conditions (or pet owners that would suffer from separation anxiety)……

from a dog trainer’s point who has years of experience and proven reliable, results, hands down a board and train would be the BEST venue for TOP results.

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