The Truth About Dog Aggression

We take dog aggression extremely seriously as should you.  With that said, True dog aggression (sometimes is misdiagnosed by pet owners & trainers alike) is Very rarely fixed.  If you’re searching for the solution for a dog trainer or “dog behaviorist” to take your truly aggressive dog & change them into a naturally non-aggressive dog – this is not the program for you.  We cannot change a canines’ temperament.

Your main focus should be on learning how to control, manage & properly reside with an aggressive dog.

Our training is geared for the dog owner that wants learn skills to have better control over their dog’s walks when passing people and/or dogs, or when people or dogs pass them or need to share the same space.

Defining Goals With Aggression

An unrealistic goal for a truly aggressive or reactive dog is to expect your dog to become naturally and freely accepting of other people or dogs. Very rarely is aggression “fixed.”

Controlling your dog’s aggression by implementing strong obedience commands to help navigate through environmental challenges should be your goal.  Ex: walking by other people and/or dogs, resource guarding, territorial aggression, excessive barking, food aggression.  NOT going to dog parks.

Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is the pet owner that understands that our training consists of giving you the tools, education & support on how to manage, control & make things better for you with your dog’s aggression; NOT eradicate.  True aggression is VERY seldom fixed, your Goal is control & management.

What does this mean? Simply stated, we teach you how to control your dog’s aggression while in your presence & under your supervision.  Absent your presence, your dog will most likely still be aggressive.

This program is for the involved dog owner who wants to learn how to own, manage, control & train their dog to make both of their journeys better and more rewarding.

Our Most Common Client

Our most common clients is the dog owner that is having trouble walking their dog past other people or dogs; they are unable to control their dog’s lunging and aggression and want to be able to walk their dog with minimum to no incident when passing other people/dogs.


Our Program

Typically, we begin with five (5) dog training lessons.  The first is 90-120 minutes in duration, subsequent lessons are about 90 minutes long.

We are teaching you how to train, control and manage your dog’s aggression through obedience commands.

Each lesson, we will work on a command/behavior before giving you homework to practice before your next session.

Virtual Consultation

The 1st step to to determine if our expectations are inline.

  1.  60 minutes in duration
  2. Q&A about our program & about your canine’s aggression
  3. Professional recommendations for you to immediately implement
  4. Informational only, non-refundable fee of $150

Schedule Your Virtual Consultation

Step #2: In-Person Evaluation

Assuming we’re a fit based on our virtual consultation; we’d move onto our in-person evaluation of your canine.  This consists of us temperament testing your dog, observing the relationship between you and your dog & your dog’s environmental challenges.

Our evaluations could be viewed as a preview into the training program.  James, will work a bit with you & your dog.  You will leave with insights and information that you can begin to apply immediately.

The fee for the in-person evaluation is  (75 minutes or so).

We’re ready when you are: schedule your virtual consultation toady!

As with the virtual consultation, if you decide to enroll within 14 days of your “virtual consultation,” both fees (consult & Evaluation) will be deducted from your quoted program cost.

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