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Seeking dog advice, but do not need a full training program for what you are looking for? You’re not alone. Dog training is mostly ‘show & tell’ and sometimes you do not need to be shown. Some examples may include, but are not limited to:

Potty Training

Many puppy owners seek dog trainers to help wit their puppy’s (or young dog’s) potty training efforts.  The most a dog trainer can do is to provide you with guidance tailored to your puppy and your life-style.

Many dog trainers do in-home puppy workshops (we used to also).  However, we no offer our professional expertise & system via virtual puppy training workshops.  

Crate Training

The same with crate training. A dog trainer standing in your living room sharing his or her knowledge of how to crate train your puppy is not any different than virtual coaching.

At the end of the day, you have to open and close, let your puppy in & out of their crate. Sure, puppy trainers will tell you the what, when, where, why & how. But, that can be done from anywhere.

Canine Separation Anxiety

This is another big one. Separation Anxiety is yet again another issue that requires guidance. At the day’s end, you have to implement the program to make things better. Separation anxiety comes with varying degrees (mild to severe). There are many factors that play a role in separation anxiety in puppies and older dogs.

Trainers Can be a Distraction Too!

It is very common that the trainer standing in your home will skew your dog’s display of separation anxiety because your dog will more than likely be distracted by the dog trainer’s presence. This happens A LOT!

Results Vary With Separation Anxiety

Additionally, separation anxiety RESULTS can vary. There is no worse feeling than having a dog trainer come to your home, spend some time & there is very little progress after she leaves.

In many cases, this is no fault of the dog trainer. It can happen with any trainer or dog behaviorist. So, this too, should be considered.

You Will Pay More for the Same Service

To make matters worse, you paid a fee that (rightfully so) incorporated his time & mileage that may have been more inexpensive had you received the same help via a virtual session or two (2).

It’s Not Magic, It’s About

Unfortunately, there’s no magic by having a dog trainer come to your home to help with potty training, housebreaking, crate training, separation anxiety (in most cases). There’s no secret word or phrase that is going to help in a session or two (2).

Changing Your Dog’s Behavior Is About You

Changing you dog’s behavior often is about you, the dog owner providing consistency with the dog advice that you receive. I will go one step further. Take separation anxiety in dogs for example, you dog has anxiety with being apart from you, not me! By a dog trainer being present in your home, you may see it, but the results will often be skewed & for sure won’t be fixed when he or she leaves. You’ll have to listen to the suggestions.

Advanced Level Dog Training

High-level dog training requires a hands on approach because there are commands and communication which requires the proper amount of repetitions to make habit with your dog. Additionally, you will need to learn a skill-set which requires hands on training.

Dog Aggression & Behavior Modification

Dog training for aggression requires both technical skill-set on how to navigate your dog as well professional guidance on how to reside with your dog. From a training perspective, Owning an aggressive dog is different than owning a non-aggressive dog.

Just Dog Advice From a Trusted Source

Lastly, there just “dog advice.” That’s it. You’re not seeking on and off-leash training of a Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come, etc…. Do you have an aggressive or fearful dog that requires obedience training, management & control?

If you’ve answered NO to the above, you may be best served, in a more timely fashion with our professional virtual sessions. Excellent, but not limited to: Housebreaking & potty training, crate training, prevention & measures to help cope with canine separation anxiety & everything puppy related. Especially, new or 1st time puppy owners!

Problem Solving Areas

If you’re You may just want help with potty training your dog. This doesn’t require a full blown advanced dog training course. It is more about instructing the owner on what to do (more importantly, what not to do!)

Dog Advice From Dedicated Dog Training

If you’re like most canines owners, there becomes a time where you run into a problem that causes you to seek the help of a professional dog trainer, family member, friend, neighbor or even a stranger. You may even try doing some research online. WOW! There’s a lot of information and dog advice out there!! More to the point, how is it that there so much conflicting information?!!!

Conflicting information

A popular adage in the dog training community for many years is “the only things two dog trainers can agree on is that the 3rd one is doing it wrong!” Today, this holds true as much as yesteryear.

What do you do with conflicting dog advice? Well, most dog owners will jump from system to system which ususally:

  1. delays results
  2. frustrates you
  3. confuses the dogs
  4. creates chaotic behavior
  5. in some cases creates NEW unwanted behavior
  6. sucks up your time
  7. sucks up your money!

Want Help?

Please do not hesitate to reach out! We are here to help you!!

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