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Do Virtual Dog Training & Behavior Sessions Work?

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    First & foremost, with the unfortunate advent of COVID-19 many dog trainers on Long Island, New York, as well as across the country have moved some, if not all operations to an online dog training lesson venue. 

With this drastic & popular change, not only comes marketing & advertising, but also comes GREAT suspect from pet dog owners. You may be wondering is this type of training effective, or is it just effective for dog trainers to keep some source of income during these challenging times.


So what’s Dedicated Dog Training’s view on the efficacy of online virtual training lessons? 


Who Are Online Virtual Dog Training Lessons Good For?


Before we answer the efficacy question of online dog training lessons, let’s first talk about the more important, who in general makes a good “student” with respect to in-person dog training lessons.  

If you’re the type of “person,” forget about the dog for a second, that goes into dog training as a “student” whose job is to acquire the information and then implement it on a consistent basis you’d be off to a good start in either training platform: in-person or virtual dog training lessons.

Now, to address virtual dog training lessons more specifically, Dedicated Dog Training believes that online training has its place and can be very appropriate for many dog owners on Long Island.  

That said, we STRONGLY believe that MOST pet dog owners will benefit MORE with our virtual puppy training workshop which is MOSTLY informational.  Although, we do go over specific technique for the introduction to commands, it is very EASY at this level of training which is the “teaching” level.

As a matter of fact, we have MOSTLY gone to virtual puppy lessons because it provides the SAME exact information for a fraction of the cost.  And to be honest, if the owner chooses not to follow-up, provide consistency or decides that they simply want to do things differently than advised, they’re cost is VERY minimal.  Which believe it or not, makes us here at Dedicated Dog Training feel better. 


Want More Information on Virtual Puppy Training Sessions?


If you have a puppy between the ages of six (6) weeks and 18 weeks of age and understand that obedience training is: 

1) the dog trainer showing and instructing you what to do (and what NOT to do), especially with your puppy.


2) Realize that puppy

workshops are MOSTLY instructional. 


3) MUCH more than training a SIT, DOWN or a STAY command; it goes much deeper into the:

a) relationship

b) building emotion to commands & behaviors

c) discouraging while forging good habits before it becomes too late.

d) building attention & focus which *everyone wants) to maybe become a candidate for advanced obedience training & acquire off-leash control when  your puppy gets older.


…….AND MUCH MORE!  Then, GET in TOUCH Today!!


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