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How to Teach Your Dog Stay


Teaching your dog to stay sometimes can be extremely difficult if you're using the wrong game plan. Almost every request we receive from potential clients include the stay command. Many of them explain to our trainers that there dog will not stay for them. Once we delve a bit into...

How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting?


How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting Learning how to get your puppy to stop biting (nipping is probably a better word to use though, since most puppies are not aggressive they are just communicating through nips. But, nipping still hurts!) is one of the most frequent inquiries that...

Obedience Training School, Why Most Dog Owners Fail?


Were you disappointed with the obedience training results that your puppy or dog and you received from your last dog trainer on Long Island or in the city? If you were, you're not alone. Many dog owners do not receive their intended satisfaction after enrolling and completing a dog training...

Puppy Fear Aggression in Massapequa Park


Shirley, a five (5) month old Lab, recently adopted by a wonderful family in Massapequa Park, Long Island display a bit if fear towards new people, sounds and furtive movement. That said, this was nor revealed on our initial communication with Shirley's new owners, as often is the case. One...

Basic Obedience Training


Basic obedience training for dogs and puppies is much more than teaching your canine to respond to a myriad of commands, although that aspect is important as well. Basic obedience also serves the following purposes: Bonding positively with your canine companion Maintaining a healthy and clear relationship with your furry...

Puppy Separation Anxiety in Manhasset


Dedicated Dog Training conducted a puppy separation anxiety workshop in Manhasset, Long Island, which involved a mixed breed puppy who was approximately five (5) months of age. This puppy (we'll refer to as, Dave), recently (about a week) was adopted from the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington and...

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