Basic Obedience Training


Basic obedience training for dogs and puppies is much more than teaching your canine to respond to a myriad of commands, although that aspect is important as well. Basic obedience also serves the following purposes:

  • Bonding positively with your canine companion
  • Maintaining a healthy and clear relationship with your furry friend
  • Challenging them mentally and physically, depending on the training regimen
  • Building drive and motivation (they need to figure out how to get the reward, once they do….)
  • Probably the most important of them all; basic obedience training gives your puppy or dog PURPOSE, a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT, it builds there CONFIDENCE level and prepares them for advanced obedience training as well as some genetic issues such as dog aggressive resource guarding.

    What is a Good Age to Begin Basic Obedience?

    This question is a very popular one. Potential clients of our basic obedience training all get the same answer – The earlier the better. We do not say this because we are in the dog obedience training business but because you place both you and your puppy in a position to begin learning at an age where less bad habits are formed, allowing you to focus on creating good ones.

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