Basic Dog Training

The differences between our basic and advanced dog training are:

  • on-leash control vs on and off leash dog training
  • Level or intensity of distractions in the environment
  • And advanced commands such as the remote SIT or Down

  • Our Long Island, Queens, NY basic dog training takes place either at your home or on-site in the Levittown or Wantagh, NY area. We begin with a two (2) hour session of obedience training with you and your dog on any command(s) that you’d like to learn how to train your dog with. Basic obedience begins with the leash for commands and once the dog and you gain a certain degree of reliability you can move onto advanced dog training.

    Advanced dog training is not so much of a program that stands by itself, it is usually a result of how you’ve done in the basic dog training (foundation work). The biggest mistake our Nassau based dog training school observes is that pet dog owners want to rush through the foundation or the basics. A lot of dog owners want to glide right into advanced dog training (on and off-leash & distractions).

    In-Home Basic Dog Training, Long Island, Queens, NY

    If you reside in Nassau, Suffolk or Queens, our in-home dog training lessons may be right for you. Our basic dog training on Long Island and in Queens begin with a two (2) session which costs $295. During our initial meet we will take the necessary time:

    • listening to your obedience training needs a (or wants),
    • observe the relationship that you have with your pup or dog &
    • jump right into training
    • ….each additional training lesson is discounted at only $95 per hour.

      On-Site Basic Obedeince Training, Wantagh, Levittown

      If you do not reside in Nassau or Suffolk County or do, but are willing to come to us, your initial two (2) hours of On-Site dog training is disocunted at $195. Also, each subsequent obedience lesson is $70 per lesson when you come to us.

      Whether you choose our in-home basic dog training or decide to travel to Nassau to train with Dedicated Dog Training, you’ll receive top-notch service.

      Pay as You Go Lesson by Lesson Obedience Training

      Dog Training lessons (whether private or basic dog obedience) are an excellent way to learn how to train your dog by a professional dog trainer. Additionally, from a financial point of view, the pet dog owner controls the amount of lessons.

      We find that many times dog owners exceed achieving their goals during the first session and we feel, if this is the case – great! If you decide that you’d like to move forward with more training for your puppy or dog you can at a discount and at your own pace!