Advanced Dog Training

Advanced Dog Training lessons are our “soup to nuts” program. This obedience training requires the dog owner to be a real enthusiast. This training begins with our Suffolk & Nassau dog boot camp programs. We take your dog from the beginning to the end, from on leash to off-leash dog training.

Moreover, we train you to become your dog’s trainer too. That’s right, at the completion of our advanced training program boot camp, you will not only be able to preserve your dog’s training but, you’ll be gifted enough to change and add to the obedience training of your dog – because you will learn the secrets to our Success while training side by side with us!

Because this training regimen expects so much from the dog, builds such a great relationship through team work. It does take a commitment. If you are up for the game and want to have the dog that turns heads, Dedicated Dog Training of Levittown, NY can get you there! We’ve helped many dog owners.

Our What Does the Advanced Dog Training Package Include?

We’re glad you asked! This includes 30 days of boarding and training with follow-up private lessons to transfer your dog’s obedience training to you.

What Commands Are Included?

Included in our advanced dog training program are the following canine commands:
• Come (in the face of distraction on and off leash)
• Heel (off leash/lose leash)
• Place (go to your doggie bed)
• Kennel (go to your kennel)
• Sit/Down
• Leave & Drop It
• Off
• NO
• Good
• Yes

Plus addressing the following negative behaviors such as:
• Nipping;
• Jumping;
• Mouthing;
• Chewing;
• Going through the garbage can;
• Digging;
• Excessive barking & Whining
And anything else discussed on our the evaluation.

Who Needs Advanced Dog Training?

In truth, probably nobody really needs this caliber of training for their dog. That said, if you are the type of person that keeps active and would like to have your dog be more involved with activities such as jogging, playing ball in a park, boating, etc….this is the way to go.

Through obedience that is advanced as this program your dog will enjoy more freedom, constantly be mentally and physically challenged, while being exhausted from the exercise a well-trained dog can acquire.

Why is this Important?

A dog that is challenged both physically and mentally, a dog that is kept active, a dog that is able to take commands from you on a daily basis and get the occasional reward (social and food), a dog that enjoys freedom and spending time with you, will more than likely be a pleasure to have around.

Contact Dedicated Dog Training for an Evaluation

Our evaluations take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Contact us at: [email protected] or call or text (516) 512-9111.