Immediate Results!

    Intensive Learning : Research has shown that better outcomes are derived from immersion-based training sessions.  A (3) to four-hour intensive session, as compared to weekly dog training sessions with a lot of the “start-stop” phenomenon, provides a concentrated timeframe for you to easily grasp the concept and immediately move forward with stellar confidence and results.

    Our immersion-training enables you to learn the philosophy and train the technique to commit to your muscle memory for later use after James Leaves; NO more saying the dog only listen to the dog trainer – you’ll be your dog’s trainer for real-world long-term & reliable results.

    Immediate Results: This executive training session grants you an immediate sense of accomplishment.  You’ll be more in control and feel much better.  By the end of the session, you’ll witness your dog responding reliably to your commands, while observing a confidence booster in your relationship. Talk about immediate gratification!

    Hours, Not Months

    At-Home Training: You do not have to train and practice one or two (2) commands per week & wait to the conclusion of a 5-7 WEEK program anymore to see little results. With our unique/time-tested (3) hour session we’ll teach you the skills needed to effectively reinforce commands and address problem behaviors right away.  This training tailored to “you” training style immediately empowers you to become your dog’s trainer via balance between training & your daily routine at home.

    Continuity & Consistency: Training your dog in one focused session significantly helps to foster a continuous, uninterrupted learning process. This continuity is a must to help forge new habits, and to prevent that “start-stop” experience that frequently occur in weekly training sessions.


    Timely | Cost Effective

    More Time-Efficient for Owners: These days committing to a weekly training sessions can be difficult. One of the main culprits which causes pet owners to fail obedience in the cancelled appointments that inevitably occur with weekly training programs.  Cancelled appointments mean interrupted training, which leads to inconsistency and the rest is very evident.  Our three-hour session provides you with everything you need to know within one session and plenty of understanding and practicing.

    Cost Effective: Given the efficiency of our session, the two (2) phone call follow-up and although never needed the one (1) in person follow-hour, you’re likely to spend a lot less and waste less time on follow-up sessions or addressing negative behavioral problems. This will result in cost savings!

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