Wantagh Dog Training

The video above is of Layla showing off her obedience (well, really ability to remain in a sit position during some distraction, by yours truly!). As many dog and especially puppy owners know, a stationary position is most difficult for a dog to hold.
Layla is making some good progress, the disappointment comes from the lost time due to five (5) or six days of rain. Dedicated Dog Training trains for the real world; so we train a lot outside. Tomorrow Layla will be dog training in Wantagh, her home town.

Please stay tuned for more videos of Layla!

Layla demonstrating the “long come” command under some distractions.

Dog training with Wantagh’s Layla, a Beautiful female German Shepherd. Layla, for the most part is well-behaved; however, the ten or twenty (20) percent of the time when she is jumping on someone seems to supersede or outweigh the majority of the time she is behaving. A jumping dog is fun when the setting is right and you are prepared.

However, a jumping German Shepherd could be very annoying to someone that does not appreciate a large furry dog jumping on them while they’re in a suit or gown, or a person that is not a dog lover like the rest of us, or worse, a guest or perhaps a utility worker that is afraid of dogs.

In addition to offering doggie boot camps for the residents of Wantagh. Our dog trainers conduct private dog training lessons in Wantagh; these lessons are in the comfort of their own home. The video below is demonstrating Layla adhering to the “PLACE” command, one of the commands and tools in our Dedicated dog trainers’ tool box. As many dog owners know, a German Shepherd is a high powered dog and sometimes can seem like too much of dog for someone to own; however, it may be the very opposite….An experience trainer knows that proper German Shepherd dog training must include a balanced approach, one consisting of firm but fair.

Stay tuned for some more Wantagh dog training videos that will take place in front of one of our favorite specialty supermarkets, Iavarrones’ Brothers off of Jerusalem Avenue in Wantagh, NY.
Below are videos, along with explanations of our Wantagh dog training programs and members. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about any video or narrative that you are uncertain of. Additionally, if you have a dog or need puppy training in Wantagh, NY feel free to inquire about our services, this can be done by contacting us via phone and/or setting up a free evaluation with one of our dog trainers assigned to Wantagh.

Meet Toots from Wantagh, Long Island. Toots’ has a very interesting story. This French Bulldog was very vocal to say the least. When we received an email from Toot’s humans parents describing how much he liked to bark and very often for seemingly no reason at all. We thought, OK, this doesn’t sound too bad. WOW! Were we surprised!
After going to Wantagh to meet with Emily and Mike (Toot’s owners), and to evaluate Toots, it became evident that this dog had some issues, in addition to his lack of obedience; these issues were more difficult.
While at the home of Mike and Emily, we discussed training issues and other dog trainer’s methods and philosophy. At a point in our conversation Mike told me that they did have another dog trainer, from Wantagh evaluate Toots. At the time they explained the finding of that dog trainer. Having been in the dog training business for sometime now, Dedicated Dog Training understands that every dog training school and dog trainer have different opinions and different methods. Who were we to knock this Wantagh dog trainer’s advice?
Well, it turns out that his intentions were good, but his execution could of been a little different in our opinion. Look, they say “no one snowflake is alike,” we believe this to be so in dog trainers too.
After taking Toots into our dog board and train program it became evident that what we concluded earlier was right, Toots was scared of dogs, and learned that barking viciously and relentlessly was his way to make the threat disappear; however, this learned behavior worked so well, according to our observations, it gave him more confidence in using it, thus becoming a stronger habit to break.
Unlike some Wantagh dog trainers, Dedicated Dog Training likes to use a balanced approach to dog training as we did with Toots.
Today we are returning Toots to his family, our dog board and train program is complete, but Toot’s will need to resume dog training in Wantagh, NY under the supervision and guidance of Mike and Emily, which I am sure that they will do a great job!
Toots, was very, very reactive to….Everything! Walking him on Sunday morning was even a task, as Toots would apparently bark and act out for no reason at all according to Mike and Emily. The video below was taken a few days before Toots’ completion of our dog board and train program. The other dog is kona, a German Shepherd mix from Levittown, NY. Kona too, was a very reactive dog when it came to people, but more so, when it comes to other dogs. She is enrolled in our Private basic dog training program. This video was shot in Levittown.