Syosset Dog Trainers

If you reside in Syosset, NY and are experiencing some dog problems that you would like to overcome, or seeking to take a proactive approach and are in the market for a puppy or dog trainer in Sysosset then you may have landed on the right page. Dedicated Dog Training provides dog training that can be integrated into your daily life-style.

We handle jumping, nipping, digging, counter-surfing, excessive nuisance barking, and other common puppy or dog undesirable behaviors.

Here is Molly from Syosset! She is our latest board and train member. Awesome puppy, hyper too! Our board and train program will train your puppy or dog to understand the commands they need to know in order to behave in and around people in the real world and in real life situations.

At the completion of our board and train program, your dog is returned to you, at this time we give you a tutorial on how to maintain the training (this is not limited to showing you how to discipline and reward your puppy or dog for inappropriate behavior and good behavior, respectively).

Our training usually lasts for two weeks, but can be longer, like Molly, if it takes longer, so be it; at the completion of her training she will be returned to Syosset. Dog Trainers, in our opinion that are worth their wait in gold should have no problem holding onto a puppy or dog until they are trained, even if it goes beyond the agreed upon time. Check back often for more videos.

Additional, if you need some help in dog training, whether you are from Syosset or another part of Long Island or NYC, please feel free to contact us, so we can assign a dog trainer to perform an evaluation in your home of your dog and current situation.
Here is our Syosset champ showing off how to remain in a stationary position, (a position that most dogs and puppies would prefer not to be in) and then responding to a ‘COME’ command. A quick tip when it comes to dog training: the ‘COME’ command and the ‘STAY’ command should always be taught as separately and independently. Far too many dog owners and dog trainers alike make the same mistake by attempting to train both these commands together. Some dogs, may still pick-up, but probably not as quickly as if you trained these commands separately; this is true because when the dog is a stationary position and they learn that the next command is to come (which means to run, something they prefer to do) they will begin to anticipate the reward (running) and the ‘STAY’ command will take that much longer.
OK, now, take our dog Molly from Syosset, dog training the ‘STAY’ and ‘COME’ command as mentioned above, would take for ever, as she LOVES to be mobile!