Puppy Training

Our puppy training workshop is ideal for puppies less than 4.5 months, for older, we offer dog training programs, such as private dog training lessons, doggie boot camps, as well as dog training for aggressive dogs.

Most of our puppy training clients are new or seasoned puppy owners that have been out of the game for a little while and just would like a game plan to move forward with, or a different beginning to their puppy’s training than their last time around, respectively. Some puppy owner’s, depending on their pups age, will be taking a proactive approach to training their puppy. For puppies that are a bit older, we will immediately show you how to stop or lessen some of the bad behaviors and put you on the right track to getting successful puppy behavior.


In-Home Puppy Training Workshop

Puppy Training workshop for puppies between eight (8) weeks and 4.5 months old

If your struggle with a puppy that loves to jump on you and your guests, a puppy that loves to nip (puppy bite) your children, a puppy that is driving you crazy or a puppy that is not potty trained, we want you to know our puppy training can help make your days a lot easier

Age: 7 weeks to 4 months

We Focus on the Big Three (3):

1. Potty Training/House Breaking;
2. Nipping;
3. Jumping

In addition to the above commands, we will provide you with invaluable information that will help you now and later; this information is not limited to:

a. Health and Nutrition;
b. Confidence Building;
c. Preventing/Mitigating Separation Anxiety & other Phobias (that can show up later)
d. Crate training or Not (the truth about crate training and what it does or does not do for you);
e. Potty Training – the Secret to Success! (paper or outdoors?);
f. How to Handle Excessive Whining & Barking;
g. When to cuddle with your puppy & when not too;
h. Where to place the puppy & you guessed, where not to keep him or her and WHY?
i. Human Socialization – the proper way to insure the best chances for successful integration;
j. Canine Socialization – when, where and how?


Puppy Potty Training

We offer a puppy potty training boot camp for puppies that are sixteen (16) weeks & older. For more information please feel free to contact us.

For most, regardless of the puppy’s age and potty training issues, our in-home consult will provide you with all the information you’ll need to become very successful in your puppy potty training efforts for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, while we are in your home developing the right potty training program for your puppy and family we can coach you on other puppy related behaviors you may have.