Private Dog Training Lessons

Our private obedience lessons are slightly different than our in-home dog training lessons. The difference: with in home training lessons the obedience is conducted in and around your home. Mostly, this is where your challenges occur.

However, for some, their dog’s obedience is suffering at locations other than their home. Below are some examples where obtaining a well-mannered dog might come in handy:
• Being able to effectively govern your dog while arriving at the dog park;
• Exercising control of your dog at work;
• Monitoring and being able to calm your canine on your boat;
• Controlling your dog at a school facility or park
….As well as other areas broached at the evaluation.

Who Is this Obedience Program For?

This program is for the owners of dogs that are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with a well-trained dog. Many of our clients take their dog to work, visit dog parks, open fields, or walk by heavily distracted areas. This type of obedience training requires a dog handler to have good command over their canine.

Private Dog Training Lesson by Lesson

Our lesson by lesson approach allows you to control the amount of lessons. This obedience approach to dog training also serves as a motivator for many dog owners – the faster and more they place into their dog’s training, the less they spend. Dedicated Dog Training knows the way to their client’s heart.

How Many Private Lessons are Recommended?

This is very dependent on the dog, your current command over the dog, the place in which you need for your dog to be obedient (distraction level), as well as a variety of other factors. A completion of our evaluation will determine the best course of action to take.

Our in private dog training lessons are an exemplary program for the dog owner that is very actively engaged with his or her dog. It allows them to take their dog with them.
Dedicated Dog Training comprehends that just as every dog is different so is every owner. We devise programs based on the feedback of our members and potential clients. Our private dog training lessons at areas that are frequented by you and your dog is a popular one.

Private Dog Training Cost?

Because so many additional factors come into play with this program it is very difficult to determine the cost prior to obtaining all information. For instance: the place, the level of distraction, the dog, your desired results, the time when obedience training may need to be conducted, and the list goes on.
Having said that, and understanding that everyone has a budget, you can plan on achieving outstanding results beginning at $150 per lesson.

Learn More, Contact for an Evaluation

When you’re ready to move forward we’d love to speak and/or meet with you to learn more about your dog training needs. We are more than confident that we can help you with your obedience training for your dog. To schedule an evaluation you may use our contact form, email us at or call or text (516) 512-9111.