Port Washington Dog Trainers

Reside in Port Washington, NY? Have a dog or puppy that is out of control? Or does he or she refuse to COME when called? If so, you are not alone – our Port Washington, NY dog trainers have come to the aid of many dogs and puppies in your area. We specialize in advanced off and on leash dog training. Included in many of our Private dog training lessons in port Washington, NY are:

HEEL – walk nicely on a loose leash;
COME – come when called, even under neighborhood distractions
Sit – Not only to sot for cheese, but to sit when you need them to sit (when meeting people on the street).
DOWN – Same principle as the sit command, only the down command can be used to hold the position a little longer
PLACE -This is the command that will allow you to send your dog to their doggie bed; this is used to combat hyper-activity in a dog or puppy.
….and the many other behaviors that puppy and dog owners in Port Washington, NY could do without, such as the uncomfortable nipping or mouthing, the relentless barking and excessive whining, that frustrating jumping and running around.

Meet Ginja, a Golden-doodle from Port Washington who recently is enrolled in our board and train program; Ginga is an awesome puppy who had some of your more common issues: she loved to Jump and run wildly around the house, especially if others were doing that. She used to pull on her leash, and loved to kind of be the boss, or at least try. At Dedicated Dog Training we believe in training your dog to be all they could be. Check out a video of Ginga one week into our dog board and train program that takes place in Levittown.

Heeling your Dog around Port Washington

Our private dog training lessons in Port Washington are geared for neighborhood distractions. That means if you want to walk your dog by the famous North Shore Animal League you do not have to worry about having difficulties while sharing the same side walk when one of the rescue dogs or puppies are being walked. We train your dog and teach you how to walk nicely side by side to enjoy your time together. We breed HAPPINESS, not frustration.

Dog Training at Port Washington’s Dog Park

Our Port Washington dog training packages also extend themselves to giving the owner the ability to manage their dogs or puppies in and around their neighborhood dog parks. If bringing your dog to Christopher Morley Dog Park is more frustration than having them stay home, our advanced Port Washington dog training program may be the right choice for you. Our dog trainers will accompany you to any field, run, open area or dog park in Port Washington to train your dog and teach you how to manage the crazy excitement that so many dogs have when getting closer and closer to the dog park.

More Time with Your Trained Dog in Port Washington

Having a dog is a wonderful experience, having a well trained dog is a WONDERFUL experience. An obedient dog allows for you to spend more time with him or her. This time could be spent in a park full of dogs, in the front while washing your car, in the backyard while having a family outing or even in public Restaurant such as Livorno’s Pizzeria and Restaurant of Port Washington or Ayhan’s Mediterranean Cafe & Marketplace which has outdooring eating and seating and both allow for dogs access.

Walking your Dog around the Neighborhood

As mentioned above we train for your neighborhood; that said, we understand that many areas in Port Washington are not as suburban as others, as a matter of fact, most areas lend themselves to non-busy vehicle and pedestrian traffic zones parks, open areas, and the like. Our dog trainers in Port Washington will give you the ability to be able to call your dog with confidence.

Port Washington Obedience Training Videos

Here is Roger, about (4) years old. Roger is a Pitbull who was rescued by the daughter of our client. Roger has a few issues:

  • He can be aggressive towards people at the door;
  • He can be VERY reactive to dogs on walks;
  • And, he can be very fearful of people and loud sounds on walks

….The first issue, we do not have any footage of him, but the relentless pulling on the leash, that he used to do, is not seen in this video…..which is a good thing!