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Massapequa Dog Training

Is your puppy or dog out of control? Do you find yourself constantly annoyed by your puppy? The running around the house, the craziness that happens around the same hour of the day, the excessive whining, the loud annoying barking, the hurtful nipping, all of these unwanted actions can be reduced and eliminated.
Yes, that’s right, although your concerns are extremely valid, you can find some comfort in knowing that we have trained many Massapequa dogs on Long Island that have had the same issues as yours. Our dog training system differs from many of your more conventional Massapequa dog trainers. We are not just about training the dog, we will educate you as well.

Basic Dog Training Lessons in Massapequa

If you need to exercise some control over your puppy or dog, our basic obedience dog training lessons in Massapequa may be the way to go. This package can be modified to fit the exact needs of your family and dog. However, the goal of the program is to enable the dog owner to gain or re-gain control over their puppy or dog through a series of dog training commands. One of our assigned professional Massapequa dog trainers will take you from the beginning to the completion of your program. Your dog will be trained to respond to commands such as: Off, No Jumping, No Nipping, No Mouthing, No Digging, Come, Heel, Sit, Down, Drop-it, and ‘go to your doggie bed’

Advanced Dog Training in the Massapequas

Advanced dog training is geared towards the dog owner that wants control over their dog in a higher level of distractions, for example, the Massapequa Dog Park, which is located in the vicinity of the following intersections Louden Ave., Clocks Blvd., Pine St. and County Line Rd…..and the entry can be found on Clock Blvd. It is around 50,000 sq. footage and has two (2) parks, one for the smaller one and the other, obviously for the larger dogs. As many of you know it can be quite difficult bringing your dog the park, especially when they are bouncing off the leash; our advanced dog training lessons in Massapequa can help this as we can schedule lessons near around the dog park.

Dog Board and Train Program

Last but not least, no dog training school would be complete without mentioning their dog board and train programs. Many Massapequa canines have graduated from Doggie Boot Camp fully trained on and off leash. After the completion of the program their will be a follow-up lessons at the puppy or dog’s Massapequa residents, to prepare them for their neighborhood distractions.

Puppy Training in Massapequa

Is your puppy suffering from lack of attention? Does it seem like obedience is not in the cards for you and your little furry buddy? Are you frustrated? Are you ready to throw in the towel? Have you had other puppy trainers? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we are sorry.
We do have the solution for you and your puppy. Our successful puppy obedience training in Massapequa doesn’t have to be limited to your neighbors, we can help you too!

What’s Training Have to do with Eating?

Mercato Kitchen & Cocktails located at 4958 Merrick Rd, Massapequa, NY, offers dogs the opportunity to hang with their family whie enjoying a wonderful meal. Like any other public place, the dogs probably are required to be obedient as well. That’s why Dedicated Dog Training provides obedience training for the real world. A puppy or dog that knows how to heel and mind his or her manners in Massapequa can enjoy a nice walk with their master through the Bethpage Bike Path. Additionally, we have had members that frequenty include their dogs on their family campming trips, take them to the beach, and allow them to swim in the lake. All of these freedoms and benefits can be yours after completing one of our dog trainig programs, with one of our professional dog trainers in Massapequa.

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For more information on our dog training and dog trainers in Massapequa, please feel free to text or call (516) 512-9111, we’d love for you to email us directly: All questions are welcome, no high or pushy sales tactics whatsoever.