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Dedicated Manhasset Dog Trainers

Having trouble with that hyped up dog or puppy? Maybe, the barking is driving you and your neighbors crazy? Or maybe you just want to exercise better control over your housemate; whatever the reason, if you desire to have a better relationship or crave a well-trained dog, then our Manhasset Dog Training program might be what you need to get you there!

Our Manhasset Dog Trainers are more than committed, they are Dedicated to get you where you want to be with your dog or puppy. Our dog trainers believe in dog training for the real world, that said, their training programs will be crafted around real world scenarios in Manhasset.

Dog Parks in Manhasset

There are so many things for trained dogs in Manhasset to do, for example, dogs parks such as Christopher Morley which are minutes from Manhasset can be a wonderful place to have your dog or puppy work off some extra energy and socialize with their counterparts.

Being able to call your dog and have them “COME” reliably in the dog park is obtainable with our professional dog training.

Washing your Car Outside in the Front

Manhasset dog owners can now have their dog or puppy SIT outside while washing their car, or take them for a lose leash or NO leash walk around the neighborhood.

Manhasset Dog Friendly Restaurant

Cipollini’s of Manhasset allows your best friend to dine with you in the summer. There is such a growth in things that well-trained dogs can be participate in versus years ago are phenomenal.
My dog in a restaurant around food, other people and THEIR food can be a recipe for disaster. This thought can be sometimes very difficult to fathom or process; however, you can be sure that many of our past Manhasset dog training members were also skeptic, well, until a lesson or two (2) into their dog training program. Dedicated Dog Training trains your dog or puppy NOT to Counter-Surf (jump on the table for our food or stuff.)

Want to More About our Manhasset Dog Training Programs?

We offer dog and puppy obedience training programs that are tailored for your dog and suited for your neighborhood distractions. Manhasset neighborhoods are fairly quiet compared to others in Long Island. Our most basic dog training program in Manhasset can enable you to exercise full control over your puppy or dog while outside or inside your home.

Hunter, a Golden Retreiver, from Manhasset, NY became Dedicated Dog Training latest board and train member because he is very reactive to dogs while on his walk with his human owner. His reaction to dogs in close proximity, people too, but to a lesser extent, would cause him to bark and lunge relentlessly. This is, as you could imagine, a major problem as well as a liability. Hunter’s owner explained how he is too big for her to handle when he goes into this mode.
On the evaluation, as we do on all of our evaluations we observe the dog or puppy and try to acquire as much information as possible to determine what the best course of action is to take. After conferring with Lily, Hunter’s owner, and making our own observations as we walked around their Manhasset neighborhood with Hunter and Lily, we determined that Lily’s main objective was to be able to walk by other dog’s and people without incident and without an uncomfortable head halter leash.

Our objective was defined and our Manhasset dog training program for Hunter begun with his enrollment into our doggie boot camp; we decided on a two to three (3) week dog boot camp that would allow us to train Hunter. We also decided on a couple of follow-up lessons after our initial training lesson when Hunter was to be dropped off at his Manhasset residence.
The videos above display Hunter learning how to respond to the handler instead of the other dogs, this response is a shared responsibility between handler and the dog. This means that Hunter, who is fully aware of the other dogs and puppies, as we are dog training in Wantagh, New Yorks’ Cedar Creek Dog Park ; we figure, what better place to train a dog that is anxious around other dogs.

You may see the leash dragging on the ground in some of the dog obedience training videos above, Hunter is being trained on and off-leash. Because of his aggression to other dogs on the leash, we want to prepare him and his owner for the rare event that the leash becomes detached, that’s where our off-leash dog training comes in; when you need to have the dog come to you or at least are able to regain his attention long enough to secure him.
Enjoy the videos and stay tuned for more!

Puppy Training with Manhasset’s Oakley

Oakley from Manhasset, NY is our latest puppy boot camp member. He is a Husky that was adopted form the North Shore Animal League. Oakley is six (6) months old and has a wonderful disposition. Of course, like many other puppies, he likes to pull on the leash, jump, and nip but who doesn’t (LOL). Above is a video that was taken after returning from a heeling session. Dog Training videos will follow, so check back often!

The above video illustrates the “Heel” command before and after a few sessions of training with Oakley. As you can see this puppy has some good energy, albeit, not very structured – Oakley, like most Huskies, have very strong drive and couple that with being a puppy, means they will focus on something very intently until the next distraction comes by and the vicious pulling cycle goes on. The tree, the smell of their predecessors on the grass, the blowing leaves, the cars and anything in between can make walking this puppy in Manhasset somewhat difficult. Communication with you puppy is the key to success. Please stay tuned for some more videos of Oakley!

For more information on our dog training program visit feel free to call us at (516) 512-9111 or email us at; we are located at 371 Loring Rd, Levittown, NY 11756. We hope to hear from you Soon, that we can Help you Immediately!