Long Island Dog Trainers

My name is James, I am owner and head trainer at Dedicated Dog Training. My dog training school’s only goal is to fix your problems. We have been the solution to many pet owners on Long Island.

What Dog Training Problems Can We Help You With?

Dedicated Dog Training has helped many people with aggressive dogs as well as highly dominate or hyper-active dogs and puppies on Long Island. Our dog training and puppy training programscan help you fix/prevent:
1. Leash Pulling – If you find it nearly impossible to walk your dog around Nassau or Suffolk County, we can help you!
2. Leash Reactivity – This is a little different, but is a BIG problem that we can help you fix. When your dog becomes very uncomfortable, even aggressive to dogs and people.
3. Jumping – let’s not take forever to fix this, this is not a challenge, we can help you through this as well.
4. Nipping – most puppies nip, many dogs do it too, our solution is fast & simple.
5. Excessive barking, nudging, or displaying dominance over you, we’ve helped many in Nassau, Suffolk, with this.
6. Not coming when called – this is also a problem for many dog owners that we serve in Nassau & Suffolk Long Island. We can help you fix this too.
7. Biting – has your dog bit before? If so, please find comfort in knowing that we train aggressive dogs too.
8. Digging – dogs dig for many reasons, but, really, who cares, we can help you stop this!

What Separates Us from Other Dog Trainers on Long Island, NY?

We feel that training your dog a bunch of commands is useless, unless they can do them when it counts. Our dog trainers, pride themselves on being able to train you and your dog for the real world. We want you to have control over your dog when the bell rings, someone enters your home, on walks when seeing other canines, cats, squirrels and people.

We Offer Puppy Training on Long Island

New puppy in the house? Most puppies nip & jump! We can help you get control over these behaviors. We do not limit our puppy training to just jumping and nipping, we also provide you with a game plan for potty training your puppy.

We Offer Dog Board and Train on Long Island

Our doggie boot camp, also known as a dog board and train program is ideal for any dog owner on or willing to travel to us. Dog training can take some time, maintaining the training is a lot easier than participating in it.

A dog board and train program is designed to have your dog trained and for you to maintain that level of obedience training.

Our Process is Simple

It all begins with a phone, email or even text contact. We’ll speak for a little bit and possibly set up an evaluation which mostly will take place in and around your home. At the conclusion of the evaluation, we’ll make our suggestions on what we believe to be the best course of action for you and your dog.

Ready to Get Your Dog Trained?

Give us a call (516) 512-9111 or email us directly at info@dedicateddogtraining.com or simply go to our contact us page and fill in the captions.