Obedience Training Long Island NY

For most pet owners on Long Island our obedience training programs listed below are more than enough to help them. However, sometimes, it becomes necessary to customize an obedience program for families. So, if there is something that you do not see below, please inquire, we’re very confident that we can accommodate any training needs your dog warrants.

Dedicated Dog Training Deluxe

Dog Training CostThis program is for the dog owner that desires a well mannered dog that is obedient to a variety of commands and behaviors. Our obedience training lessons, unlike our Nassau County based dog boot camp, train your dog but also train you how to manage your dog; this is the difference between success and a waste of money and time for everyone!

Our Obedience training lessons are very Hands On; we are training you to be the dog trainer of your dog(s)!

Dog Training Lessons – What to Expect

Week #1 Attention Commands (and listed behaviors above,leave-it/drop-it commands & Foundation of Come Command)

Week #2 Come Command

Week #3 Heel Command

Week #4 Place Command (go to your doggie bed (or other location) and remain there!);

Week #5 Sit/Down Stay commands

NOTE: Lessons are usually performed on a weekly basis; therefore, you must train in between obedience lessons so we can do a quick review and move onto the next skill.
*Additionally, program order for commands may be altered to best suit the pet dog owner and/or dog. Also, ALL programs can be modified to best suit the dog, family & situation!

If you want to be able to heel your dog on a loose leash or off leash, having trouble with a reliable come command, can’t stop the jumping or nipping, our dog trainers can help!

The above beginning cost is based on leash training only, for e collar (electronic collar advanced training) or other training tools there will be an additional equipment cost if purchased from us.

Magic Manners Behavioral Training

Magic manners obedience training 395

Our Magic Manners Program focuses more on behavioral issues. If your main obedience challenges are included below, give us a call, we can fix these dog training issues quickly, with Dedicated Dog Training you pay for results not time.

Give us a Call (516) 512-9111; We’re Very Easy to Speak With!

Please Check Back For Obedience Training SPECIALS!