Long Beach Dog Training

The video above of Miles, our Pomski puppy from Long Beach is showing off how well he has learned to pay attention to the handler. When we first spoke on the phone, Miles was described by Leyna as a very cute and adorable puppy but at the same time incredibly hyper (pulling on walks, not listening, not focusing, and constant jumping and nipping).

Well, after driving to Long Beach to evaluate this hyper active puppy, it was more than evident that Leyna’s description was right on the money (Miles did not stop for one (1) second while we were speaking about our puppy boot camp.

Jumping & Nipping at the same time, was not the only frustration that this puppy capable of – he also pulled on the leash while we took a quick walk about 15 yards from the beach.
The first few days with Miles and most puppies that display similar traits can be somewhat challenging, even for the most experienced dog trainers.

Long Beach offers a variety of distractions for all dogs, puppies and people, that said, being able to walk your dog around Long Beach, especially in the summer, without pulling on the leash and having the ability to call your dog back to you if he or she was to get off-leash definitely makes a case for off-leash dog training in Long beach, NY.

Although, Dedicated Dog Training provides private puppy and dog training in Long Beach, NY, Miles’ owner enrolled in our two(2) to three week Long Island dog board and train program. Our doggie boot camp is a wonderful way to get a jump start on your dog or puppy training needs. At the completion of our dog board and train, we show you how to maintain the training. For more information on our dog or puppy training lessons in Long Beach, NY please feel free to contact us! Our dog trainers would be more than happy to help you train your puppy or dog.

Mason, from Long Beach is demonstrating his ability to withstand the temptation of this superficial distraction, while also showing off that he is able to respond to the COME command without getting sidetracked as well.

Stay tuned for more of Mason!

If you reside in Long Beach, NY then you know how important a good stay command and come command can be on the beach or in any open area that you choose to give your dog some exercise.

Dedicated Dog Training believes in dog and puppy training for the real world, so we cater our programs to the area that you reside in.

Dog training in Long Beach, NY requires that your puppy or dog can be able to walk and behave around people that come and go in droves, especially if you are in close proximity to the beaches. Additionally, your dog or puppy must familiarize themselves with the equipment people carry back and forth to the beach so they do not get spooked.

Many dog owners fail to recognize the details in dog training – a SIT is not just a SIT, it is “SITuational.”

Long Beach NY Dog Trainers

Dedicated Dog Training offers different types of programs to best fit the dog and owner; however, each of our packages can be adjusted to fit your desires. All of our dog trainers on Long Beach, NY will ensure that your dog or puppy’s performance is nothing short of obedient in the level of distraction that they reside in.

This is easily accomplished by your Long Beach dog trainer who will train at the beach, the park, your neighbors & ….wherever needed to grant you the results that you want or need! This is dog training, anyone, in our opinion can train a puppy or dog to respond to a SIT or DOWN command in the middle of your living room or kitchen under low-to-no distraction for a piece of cheese, the tool to measure the performance of a dog training school is in enabling the dog owner to have full control over their dog or puppy in Long Beach.

OurDedicated Dog Trainers on Long Beach will set up scenarios to handle problematic situation that you have such as with other dogs, people, cars, etc….Our dog trainers will bring props to your home.

Basic Dog & Puppy Training in Long Beach

Our basic puppy training for Long Beach residents is great if you need to exercise control over your puppy while preping them to be able to eventually respond to your commands off leash, we have modifiedd this program to focus more on outdoor behaviors.

Many of our neighbors choose to opt for our advanced dog training, on and off-leash package; this package includes: the come, heel, sit, off, & stay command which helps them to bring their dogs to the beach and parks.

If you do not have the time to participate in the trainng but want a well trained puppy or dog, then our dog board and train program may be an option for you. This program is generally two (2) weeks in duration and provides you the Benefit of having a well trained dog when returned.

Behavior Modification In-Home Dog & Puppy Training in Long Beach

Have a puppy in Long Beach that is more than Hyper=active, maybe dominant otr even aggressive? Has other dog trainer in Long Beach told you that they do not accept or are not qualified to work with your puppy or dog? Maybe you’ve hired another dog trainer who was unable to produce the results that you desired, well, we are here to inform you that, we have the right dog trainer on Long beach to the job! If you dog or puppy is dominant, aggresive, or MORE than just hyper-active, this program may be for you!

On Long Beach, dog training should be a prerequisite to buying a home or renting an apartment on this part of Long Island. There is just so much to do with a trained dog in this area. Some examples: jogging around the neighborhood, running or brisk walks on the beach, swimming, fishing and hanging out at the clam bars. Our dog trainers in Long Beach have no complaints (no wonder why!)!

Examples of Our Long Beach Dog Trainers’ Accomplishments

Meet Olivia – good things do really come in small packages, even for a Boston Terrier, Olivia is small. When we first met with Olivia’s parents, you could tell, right off the bat they were very new to owning a puppy, but, they were also very involved and eager to learn as much as they possibly can.

Olivia was extremely rambunctious when we evaluated her, nothing extraordinary, but a lot to handle for first time puppy owners. As Dedicated Dog Training does on all of our evaluations, we asked the owners what type of dog training they needed or desired, because there is a difference.

The video below demonstrates what a smart puppy Olivia is. Shortly after picking Olivia up from Long Beach our dog training regimen began. The video is very descriptive of what many of our puppies and dogs achieve during and after completing one of our advanced dog board and training program.