Freeport Dog Trainers

The video above is of Hunter, an eight (8) year old Golden Retriever who is dog aggressive while walking on the leash. This dog training video was take in Freeport, NY with the help of one (1) year old Pit Bull Arya and her owner Brian! Our video person, Kristin, Arya’s other owner.

Dedicated Dog Training handles aggression cases by employing appropriate exposure; first, the handler must be able to manage their aggressive dog prior to being able to modify their behavior. We are conditioning Hunter to pay attention to the handler while waling by the other dog. If you reside in Freeport, NY, need dog training or puppy training please feel free to contact Dedicated Dog Training.

Dedicated Dog Training provides basic (on the leash dog training) as well as advanced (on and off leash dog training) for all dogs and puppies.