E Collar Training

Dedicated Dog Training offers e collar training on a lesson by lesson basis or in packages, not too mention our Long Island doggie boot camp. E collar training for dogs on Long Island has gained so much popularity in recent years due to a better understanding of how to properly train with remote e collar, the ease of use, and the clarity of communication it provides to the dog. Dogs learn very quickly and happily when enrolled in a proper e collar training program.


E Collar Training, Long Island, Queens

Training your dog with an e collar or remote training collar allows you to achieve results that are reliable, easy and fast. Most pet owners, are not looking to become dog trainers; however, they are seeking to have a well-mannered dog in a relatively quick period of time that requires minimal and easy follow-up to maintain this level of obedience training. Proper e collar obedience training can get you there!


E Collar Training, Lesson by Lesson

As with our dog obedience training Long Island Lessons, dog owners require different levels of training due to challenges they are facing and life-style’s they need training for. For that reason, we provide in home dog e collar training on a lesson by lesson term. Please feel free to contact Dedicated Dog Training to learn more about enrollment.


E Collar Training Packages, Long Island, Queens

Offering e collar training in Long Island and Queens. Our packages include the remote training collar as well as a long leash, and any other training equipment. Our e collar in home training packages can be designed to fit your home and obedience training desires.

Your dog will be trained to come when called on and off leash under neighborhood distractions, heel by your side on a loose leash, go to and remain on their doggie bed until released, the command for not jumping, the sit and down commands, leave-it and drop-it commands, counter-surfing issues, digging, and many more cool commands that will provide you with a higher level of obedience training for your puppy or dog.


Dog Boot Camp, Long Island Training

If you do not reside in Long Island, Queens and are seeking e collar training for your puppy or dog, you may want to investigate our Long Island dog boot camp training for puppies and dogs. This is generally a two (2) to three week program and returns a fully remote collar trained dog upon completion. We offer a dog board and train Long Island program that is four (4) weeks long, we refer to this as our Deluxe Board and train. This program is for dogs with stronger drives and personalities as well as for dog owners that want or need a higher level of distraction.


Remote Collar Training Information, Contact Us!

Interested in our remote collar dog training programs or other obedience training on Long Island, NY ? Or maybe, you would like to learn more about training with e collars. If so, please contact Dedicated Dog Training, we’d love to help you in your obedience training endeavors. We are based in Nassau County, but serve all of Long Island and have training programs for each borough as well.