BethPage Dog Trainers

Not all Bethpage dog trainers are cut from the same cloth. If you are in the market seeking dog training, Dedicated Dog Training may be the dog training school for you. If your dog displays a propensity to NOT listen to you, or does listen to you, but just NOT around distractions we can help. As we’ve many of our dog training members who reside in the town of Bethpage as well.

Do you want your puppy or dog to “COME” when called even under distractions? We can make this happen!
Are you looking to become closer to your dog, but need him or her to listen before you can prance them around town? We have helped many dog and puppy owners in Bethpage and the surrounding areas accomplish this through one of the following dog training packages:

Above is a video of Bethpages’ Buche, a puppy Rottweiler that has a ton of energy, powerful energy. He also is very reluctant to listen; when he wants something, he wants it. He is also a very jumpy puppy and although he does not want to hurt anyone, between his rambunctious jumping and his defiance to stop he does pose a small liability. We’re speculating that many Bethpage dog trainers would say that this is too much dog for this family. The video demonstrates Buche learning to adhere to the PLACE command, which is used to combat many behavior problems.

Here is a video of Maci, she is our Latest doggie boot camp member, she is from Bethpage. Dog training with Maci has been very challenging (she was kind of set in her own ways – we think it’s because she is SO CUTE!), but VERY, VERY rewarding too!

  • Basic Dog Training: Our basic obedience dog training takes place in your home and covers commands such as, but not limited to: Come, Heel, Sit, Down, Leave and Drop-It, and the Go to Your Place Command! We also address other issues such as: NO nipping, jumping, jumping on counters, etc….
    This program is ideal for dog and puppy owners that want to exercise control over their dog via the leash in neighborhood distractions.
  • Advanced Dog Training: encompasses the same commands as above, only we provide the added benefit of off leash control too. This program works best for someone that takes a more active life-style with their dog by taking them to dog parks and open fields where being off the leash not rare. Also, Bethpage has a myriad of places, parks, including the State Park where dogs are welcome.
  • Doggie Boot Camp: This dog training program does not take place in Bethpage, instead this is the program where your dog is trained by Founder and Head Trainer of Dedicated Dog Training, AKA the “Levittown Dog Whisperer!” Our Doggie Boot Camp, does all the training for you, returns a fully trained dog on and off leash with instructions on how to MAINTAIN the training that your puppy or dog received.

As with all dog training, our programs can be isolated and designed to tackle single issues, or a few. The above packages offer somewhat of an overall program.

We offer several different types of dog training programs to potential members; however, our main objective to render the best program for you and your puppy or dog’s situation. That said, all programs can be modified to best train you and you dog. Trainers in Bethpage are plentiful, we know this, this is why we suggest that you meet and speak with your dog trainer. The video below is of Maci, she is a resident of Bethpage.