Basic Dog Training

Our private basic dog training package consists of five to (7) lessons and covers the following areas:
• Nipping;
• Jumping;
• Heeling on a lose leash;
• Coming when summoned;
• Going to a doggy bed or specific place
• Barrier frustration (absent aggression, for aggressive dog we have behavior modification programs)
• Going on the furniture
• Chewing on prohibited items
• Digging
• Mouthing
….And more!

When enrolling as a package, the cost for this program is discounted and begins at $125 per lesson times the number of lessons.

These commands are restricted to on the leash training; however, can be easily transferred to controlling your dog on as well as off the leash. The wonderful thing about our basic obedience training package is that it provides the proper foundation that is needed to build upon making our advance obedience training successful.

If you have ONLY a few issues with your dog’s obedience it may be more cost effective to opt for our private obedience training lessons or our in home dog training. These are geared to address your more pressing canine concerns.

That said, if you would like more of a well-mannered and rounded dog or would like to move on to our advanced on and off leash dog training, then our basic obedience package is the discounted package that may be best for you and man’s best friend.


Who Needs Basic Dog Training?

Basic dog training via the leash is ideal for the dog owner that needs to have an obedient dog in the home as well as on walks throughout the neighborhood. Training dogs successfully requires both: the ability to train the dog and the skill to effectively teach the dog’s owner and family how to train and maintain the obedience.

Why is this Important?

Dogs are living creatures that will go through many changes consisting of good and bad habits. Because a dog knows how to perform a command does not mean that they will all the time…..Unless they are convinced and believe in the owner’s pack leadership. How many times have we heard “my kids listen better to their father,” or vice-versa? Do you mean to tell me that kids know what to do, but will only do it for some people? Absolutely! Guess what. Adults too!

Dedicated Dog Training believes their secret to success is in its ability to train dogs and train owners how to become dog trainers. Our definition of obedience training encompasses both dog and human. The last thing you want to happen is for the dog to stop listening when the dog trainer leaves your home. We’ve heard this too many times.


Basic Dog Training, the Package Cost?

When you sign-up for our basic obedience training, we discount the cost of the lessons. This is done because it is easier for us to maintain record keeping as paying up front frees us up to train more. It also secures your dog’s position in our training program. We begin at $125 per lesson; however, an evaluation will determine the exact cost as well as suggested program.

Learn More, Contact for an Evaluation

If you’d like to progress and set an evaluation up, we’d be more than happy to come and observe your dog, while listening to your concerns and providing you with an overview of our obedience training philosophy. Contact us at: or call or text (516) 512-9111.