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Long Island Dog Training

Our Dedicated team of Long Island dog trainers provide Real World Obedience Training for all breeds, sizes and ages! Specializing in hyper-active puppies and dogs, strong willed dogs, high energy puppies, and defiant dogs in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Our Long Island dog training is not limited, we also serve New York’s five (5) boroughs including Manhattan.

Dedicated Dog Training can help you gain control over your destructive, disobedient, dominant puppy or dog in just one (1) lesson. That’s right! Imagine taking a nice long controlled walk with your dog on a loose leash. We can take you there!

Did you ever think that it would be nice for your family and neighbors to visit a calm, well-trained dog? Our Long Island dog trainers can get you to that point. Mouthing and nipping does not have to be part of your daily day. The benefit of having a dog or puppy that can be pet without the annoying mouthing or nipping is irreplaceable and right around the corner.

Dedicated Dog Training on Long Island has been helping families rid themselves of anxiety by providing fast and easy solutions to some of their most difficult dog and puppy training problems.

Training for Dogs That….


  • Pull Relentlessly on the Leash!
  • Jump on People Outside and Inside Your Home
  • Jump on Dogs
  • Nip or Mouth on People
  • Jump on the Counters
  • Dig in the Yard
  • Bark Excessively
  • Refuse to Sit When Around Distraction


We have a puppy program that provides you with fast and simple rules on what to do and what not to do when raising your puppy. This puppy program has came to the assistance and has saved many Long Islanders and residents of the five (5) boroughs time and money. With puppies you would be so surprised at how fast and long lasting your results can be.

Do you find yourself attempting to spend less time at home? Less time around your puppy or dog? Are you reducing your amount of company because of your dog? Do you dread coming home from a tiresome day at work, only to know that you are going to be consumed with a hyperactive, puppy that will not sit still for a second?

Experience the Best with our Superior Long Island dog training

Have you ever dreamed of your dog being able to meet and greet with people and other dogs on the street without incident?

Can you think about how pleasant it feels walking a dog on a nice sunny cool day around your neighborhood? Can you imagine feeling confident that you exercise full control over your dog….and they know and do not mind it.
Communication is the key to any success and our Long Island dog training school speaks the language!

Imagine spending more time with your dog, being able to have company and friends over without stressing. Can you picture just coming home from a long day at work and being able to kick back and relax with your well trained obedient puppy or dog?
If you ever dreamed of having a puppy or dog that knows how to behave and walk nicely on a loose leash or no leash, this can be a reality. These are the results that you can expect when completing one of our NYC, Long Island dog training programs.

Dedicated Dog Training has helped many families establish and maintain a strong, healthy, vibrant and close relationship with their canines. We accomplish this through a highly effective “balanced approach” to dog training.

Qualified Dog Trainers

Our dog trainers on Long Island, and the boroughs are experienced in training dogs of all types and can provide versatility in their methods to meet the needs of your dog. They understand each dog has different needs and its own personality. Our dog trainers use that to their advantage. They will listen to your concerns and desires and help you achieve them with your dog. Once they observe your dog in its home environment, they can build a successful plan.

Your Long Island Dog Trainer

What can you expect from your assigned Long Island dog trainer?

For starters, RESPECT! Not only equipped with Excellent dog training skills, our dog trainers MUST exhibit a genuine love for dog and puppy owners as well. As far as Dedicated Dog Training is concerned, to achieve maximum results, their has to be communication between the dog trainer, the dog and the dog owner!

We can have the best dog trainers apply for a position with Dedicated Dog Training, but unless they have a sincere manner when it comes to people….they will not gain employment by this Long Island dog training school.

Constant communication is another attribute of our dog trainers. Long Island has many dog owners that will need answers outside of normal business hours, that’s why our dog trainers make themselves available all of the time. We do not believe in deferring any dog training issues you may have.

Teaching dog owners to apply, maintain and add to their dog training is key. Our Long Island dog trainers are clear, concise, and will repeat what they are teaching as many times as you need for them too.

Punctuality is a MUST! Whether you reside in Nassau or Suffolk County, you can expect your assigned dog trainer to be on time!

Different Dog Training Options

We offer Long Island dog training option that best meet your needs. If you are looking for a way to exercise simple control over your dog, our basic dog training option is ideal. Dog owners who are looking to gain a little more control over their pet will benefit from the advanced training options. Finally, those who need help with behavioral issues can turn to our experienced Long Island dog trainers. Our signature dog board and train program keeps your dog in our care until our dog trainers can remedy the issues you are experiencing.

Dog Training for the Real World

What really separates us from the rest, is our mission to not only dog train, but to integrate our dog training on Long Island, NYC, Manhattan, and Queens into real world scenarios, we train for the game.  Many of our dog training member’s yield faster, but more importantly, more reliable and lasting results than our competitors. The metric we use to measure our dog training in Long Island and the boroughs is how your dog or puppy performs in real world situations.


Like many other Long Island Dog training schools, we have the traditional basic and advanced dog training packages. We also have signature dog board and train programs. However, we weigh the level of distraction combined with the level of training to come up with the most suitable dog or puppy training program for you.

Customer Service

Dedicated Dog Training likes to believe that one of the main areas we excel in, other than excellent dog training on Long Island is the art and integrity of communication with our members and potential members.  We are never short with our members on the phone, we actually encourage them to ask questions and inquire about our Long Island dog training as well as our dog training in NYC and nearby service areas. We never try to persuade potential members to enroll in our dog training, and we never attempt to dissuade current members from asking questions, this is our subject, we love to speak about dog training!

When we started Dedicated Dog Training we wanted to stand out or “pop” from the rest of the dog training schools.  We knew our dog training on Long Island would get us most of the way, but still, we wanted something more than the others had to offer…..Consistency!

We are consistent with our programs, costs, and training.  While our Long Island Dog Training School’s model is Dedication; our business model is transparency.  We are very open with our members and potential members – it is the only way.  There are no hidden fees or no extra charges. We do not oversell and under-deliver. We have been cited for underselling and over-delivering, which probably is a good thing!

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